The band exists in two formations as
"Kapelsky" (trio) and "Kapelsky & Singer" (quartet).
On 6th July the quartet with Marina Frenk won the World Music Contest Creole 2014.

"Kapelsky" (trio), that are:
Gregor Hengesbach: Guitar
Jan-Sebastian Weichsel: Violin, Mandoline, Viola
Michael Ashauer: Doublebass, Percussion

"Kapelsky & Singer" (quartet) is the primary trio cast together with the singer:
Marina Frenk or
Tamara Lukasheva or
Emine Cambel

Ostperanto – Folkjazz

This is the blend used by four musical vagabonds to chase after the myth of unchained melancholy. With polka, klezmer and ‘gypsy’ sounds, they explore the Slavic soul deep into the Orient. A good portion of swing has been stirred in too by these string gourmets, somewhere far away in the wide blue yonder.